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Friday, October 10th, 2008
10:46 pm
[Tabletop Campaign] Chronicle of Play Session 8
After some a week of resting and celebrating their victory, Toshu, Darius, and Solomon began to make plans to travel to a larger town to sell some of the treasure items they acquired in their campaign against the kobolds. They made the decision to journet north to Elnebranch and seek out a jeweler there. When Solomon went to court to request leave, Lord Hayes asked him to escort a pair of soldiers to a small outpost that Lord Hayes maintains on an island in the Lower Elne river.

Upon arriving at the outpost, the group was greeted by Captain Haneck, who informed them that one of his men had been killed the night before by a mysterious intruder who had vanished when cornered. The group agreed to assist with guarding the outpost that night.

But instead of another attack from the outside, the danger came from within. The body of Rennie, the guard killed the night before, burst from the storeroom to attack the guards. The group swiftly recognized the animated corpse as a ghoul, and managed to kill it for good after a fierce fight.

Upon examining the body, the group discovered an holy symbol of Doresain, King of Ghouls.

Concerned that the ghoul might have been the result of evil magic cast from somewhere nearby, the group set out the next morning to search some small caves on the island. They did not find any source of evil magic, but they did encounter Wilna, a refugee from a bandit camp in the hills to the south. She had left the camp when the camp's leader, Lorick the Bandit King, had begun delving into dark magic.

Sensing a possible connection, the group struck a deal with Wilna, who agreed to lead them to the camp. They set out, and spent the next night at the Foaming Flagon: Inn in Riverbend. While out exploring a carnival set up by Tiefling merchants, Darius discovered another of Doresain's symbols on a salvaged piece of jewelry that one peddler was selling. He suggested to the peddler that the piece might do better melted down.

The group spent the night at the inn and prepared to continue moving south at first light.
Friday, September 12th, 2008
12:56 am
[Tabletop Campaign] Chronicle of Play Session 7
OOC: This was the last game for a while for pandamneris. Have a great semester at school, Miranda!

The party managed to regroup and locate all of its stragglers to prepare for a full-scale assault on Jarspenn. They fought their way through the outer defenses, defeating a small group of orcs as well as the kobolds that had taken up defensive positions.

The kobolds were depleted in numbers, but fought fiercely.

Once the outer defenses were cleared, the group made its way into the tower. The lower level had been fitted with crude masonry walls with arrow slits to give cover to a last line of defense in the form of kobold crossbowmen. Fortunately, the walls were not very well constructed, and Selaryus and Calimar were able to knock down enough of the bricks to bring the fight to the kobolds, who were defeated in short order once they were forced into hand-to-hand combat.

The group took a short rest and then climbed the stairs to the upper floors. They avoided some simple traps and encountered the kobold chieftain's mate and a small number of female kobolds with their young. The chieftain's mate negotiated with Selaryus, striking a deal where she would be given half of her mate's treasure (she was all too happy to allow him to be thrown to the wolves) and allowed to walk free, in exchange for her staying out of the coming battle and her revealing the location of Hallwright's Shield-Brooch.

This caused some tension within the group, as Selaryus made the deal without consulting his comrades. But they bypassed the female kobolds and broke down the door to the chieftain' quarters, catching the kobold leader in the process of trying to pack up his loot.

After a hard-fought battle with the chieftain and his guards, the party was victorious. They had a second tense negotiation with the chieftain's wife, but eventually they were able to settle on terms. When asked where the shield-brooch was, the wiley kobold led the group to the roof, where she pointed down at the ogre who had just arrived on the scene and revealed that the ogre had won the brooch in a recent poker game.

The party grudgingly kept their word and released the kobold, then went out to confront the ogre. Fortunately, the ogre was willing to negotiate for the brooch, and even more fortunately, the party was now in possession of exactly what the ogre wanted: The tower of Jarspenn itself.

After some consideration, the group realized that whether they allowed it or not, the tower would likely fall into the ogre's hands. They agreed to the price and were presented with Hallwright's Brooch. Having completed their missions (they had the brooch, and the kobolds had been evicted from the tower; Lord Hayes had not specified that the tower must be completely empty of monsters...), the group divided up the treasures they had earned and headed back to Lord Hayes' Keep.

They spent several days resting and celebrating their success. During this time, Toshu's brother, Roha arrived in town. After a happy reunion between the dwarven brothers, plans were made for Roah to escort Opal Seaborne back to his home city, with Selaryus accompanying them as a guard.

The rest of the group settled back into life in town, wondering when they would next answer the call to adventure.
Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
11:10 pm
[Tabletop Campaign] Chronicle of Play Session 6
The kobolds wasted no time in launching a counterattack against the adventurers. It came later the same night as ther raid on the kobold lair at Jarspenn.

The counterattack began with a blast of magic, a sorcerous wall of fire that split the group's camp. Kobolds attacked from the woods on both sides.

Melech-Um and Knelle were trapped on one side of the flames with Toshu. The three of them fought a depsarate battle against wave after wave of kobold warriors. Finally, they drove the enemies back into the woods. Still cut off from their comrades by the growing brushfire, the three fled into the pines, finally coming to a stop at a deadfall which they fortified with what materials they could find.

Morning brought a brief rainshower which doused the remaining forest fire.

The dwarf and the two tieflings made their way back to the "Ogre Trail" and encountered another group of kobolds, wearing an unfamiliar insignia, the sign of a horned skull.

They ambushed the kobolds and took the kobold leader prisoner. Taking him back to the deadfall, they interrogated him. He revealed that a council of war had been called, and they orcs and kobolds would be meeting soon at Jarspenn.

The three adventurers rested and discussed what to do about this war council and how to locate their missing companions.
8:57 pm
[Tabletop Campaign] Chronicle of Play For Session 5
Having had a chance to rest, the party awaited the return of their scouts.

Melech-Um and Knelle tracked the group to the edge of the marsh where they were spotted and the party was reunited.

The scouts had a tale to tell. They had witnessed a meeting between three dwarves and a group of orcs in a clearing that appeared to contain some ancient ruins. At one point the dwarves and orcs descended into some sort of pit or cavern in the ground, only to emerge and separate, the orcs heading inland and the dwarves toward the coast.

The scouts followed the dwarves to the shore, but the dwarves had a boat waiting and set sail.

Knelle and Melech-Um had also discovered the location of the ogre's lair during their scouting.

More stories were shared. The prisoners that the party had rescued from the kobolds told their tales. The two fishermen, Harper Jons and Ben Tally of Deegans Rock, told of being forced to shore by a storm and then captured by kobolds ambushed them while they were waiting out the bad weather on the beach.

The dwarven girl, Opal Seaborne, told an intriguing tale. She was an orphan who had been raised by the monks of Landfall Abbey, located on a rocky island to the east that had been cut off from all communication with Jolurstad following the Third Trial. Opal was quite possibly the first person to bring news of Landfall Abbey in nearly forty years.

The group decided to split up. Calimar and Selaryus crossed the marsh with the rescued hostages and took them to the keep of the local lord, Tomick Hayes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group would return to the "Ogre Trail" that connected the Ogre's lair to Jarspenn Tower. This path seemed to be the main road used by the kobolds, and the group had already cleared out the lair of a carrion crawler that was situated at a good location to ambush enemies heading to or from Jarspenn.

The group spent the day fortifying the position. Meanwhile, Lord Hayes was pleased to see Calimar back in his court. Word had reached the lord of the recent raids, who had dispatched the adventuring company known as Moradin's Hammers to pursue the raiders. Lord Hayes's scouts reported that a battle had been joined, but the outcome was uncertain. The lord dispatched Calimar to find out how the Hammers had fared. Opal was placed in the care of a lady-in-waiting, and the two fishermen were given hospitality and word was sent of their fate to their village. Eager to rejoin the fight against the kobolds, Selaryus requested leave to return to the marsh immediately.

That night, back in their ambush spot along the "Ogre Trail", the remaining adventurers encountered a kobold ratmaster, herding a pack of giant rats along the road. The group launched an ambush and emerged victorious in spite of the enemies fighting like, well, like trapped rats.

The next day, when Selaryus rejoined the group, a bold plan was conceived by Toshu Crowcarver and Solomon Jolley. They decided to try a raid on Jarspenn.

They dispatched their scouts to make sure their own flanks would be watched and then crept close to the camp in the woods. Toshu used his crossbow to good effect against the guards on the earthen rampart while Solomon, Darius, and Selaryus charged the main entrance to the kobold lair.

With some guidance from Solomon, Selaryus positioned himself to hit a large group of the swarming kobolds with his breath weapon. The frosty blast wreaked havoc on the kobolds and the party withdrew having inflicted serious casualties.
Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
8:22 pm
After the battle (hey pandamneris)
Toshu Crowcarver sank heavily to the ground at the edge of the copse. The rest of his party, as battle-weary as he was, settled down to rest around him. Darius, the warlock, unwrapped a chunk of hardtack from his sack and began to gnaw on it. The poor guy was emaciated from his time in the kobolds' camp. It would take a lot more than crackers to fatten him up, Toshu figured. Oh well... if they ever got back to town, the dwarf would treat the poor wizard to a huge feast at the first pub they saw.

Real food... how he missed it.

Saleryus sat down next to Toshu, still beaming from his remarkable performance a few hours ago when they'd attacked the kobolds at the tower. Half again as tall as Toshu, Saleryus loomed over him even while seated. His long dragonlike tail looped casually around the trunk of a slim birch next to him. He grinned at Toshu with a hundred small, reptilian teeth.

Toshu nodded at his good friend. He wasn't one for smiling, and subtler facial expressions got lost under his thick, brown beard, but Saleryus was quickly picking up the nuances of dwarven body language - what little existed.

"Nice job back there," Toshu acknowledged.
Friday, August 8th, 2008
11:59 pm
[Online Roleplaying Thread]: At Salnius's Camp
Salnius speaks the final words of the elven rites while Brother Julius stands beside him, sprinkling Melora's holy water over the two open graves. When the prayers are completed, Salnius and Julius each place one of the death-masks into the simple wooden boxes that Salnius carved, and then they lower the boxes into the holes in the ground.

Caldera and Grant come forward with rakes and shovels, and all four set to work covering the graves. After the dirt is packed on, leaves are raked over, and logs and stones moved into place to protect and conceal the gravesites.

When it is finally done, a tired Salnius thanks the group and invites them back to his campsite to share a meal.

"Come tell me of where you plan to head now that your work here is done."
10:16 pm
[Special Tabletop Game] Chronicle of Brother Julius, Grant Duprey, and Caldera
Notes: This continues from the "Gloam River" thread below.

Last week when I was in New Jersey, I got together with charisma, wizardofaus, and indigo_forest to run a one-shot tabletop game. charisma played her online character, Brother Julius, for the game. The other two players made up new characters.

Here's What HappenedCollapse )
9:50 pm
[Tabletop Campaign] Chronicle of Play Session 4
With Melech-Um and Knelle still away scouting, the remaining members of the group planned a bold assault on the kobold camp in the marsh.

They first came into contention with a kobold scouting party, which they managed to defeat completely, in spite of the attempt by several of the kobolds to flee in a raft when the battle went against them.

Battling quicksand-like muck and strong rip-currents from the incoming tide, the group assaulted the main kobold force. They withstood a barrage of sling-stones from the kobolds as they slowly but steadily pushed their way ashore.

A kobold shaman led the defense of the camp, along with a deathrattle viper that he controlled.

The turning point in the battle came when Toshu inflicted a mortal wound on the shaman with an expertly-aimed crossbow bolt. Moments later, Selaryus and Solomon put the enemy leader out of his misery, and the demoralized kobolds broke ranks.

Unfortunately, the snake was freed of the control of the shaman but still surrounded by party members and it inflicted some nasty wounds before the group managed to slay it.

On the island, the group rescued the dwarven girl Opal Seaborne, as well as two captured fishermen, Harper Jons and Ben Tally of Deegans Rock.

They also discovered some ruins, bearing the mark of Arolus Toothblade, a dwarven hero of the Third Trial who was said to have fought a guerrilla campaign from behind the giants' front lines. There was also an enchanted dwarven shield among the treasures the kobolds had.

Having secured the island, the group rested, attended to the rescued captives, and divided up the treasures they had won.
Sunday, July 20th, 2008
10:01 am
Thursday, July 10th, 2008
9:59 pm
[Online Roleplaying Thread]: The Gloam River
The Gloam river might have just as well been called a stream at this time of the year. It was about twenty paces across, and could be forded easily by stepping on rocks. Only in a few pools did it even approach waist-deep.

Still, from the shape of the banks and the water-line, as well as the dead trees on both sides, it was apparent that the river could flood when the spring melts came.

The local humans had built a stout bridge of oak planks to span the Gloam.

It was mid-morning, and occasional travelers crossed the bridge: A peddler leading a donkey and a cart loaded with iron pots and pans, a pair of teenaged boys with their clam rakes, a poor tiefling beggar with all he owned slung in a pack over his back.

It's by no means a busy road, but this is not a desolate wilderness either.

Underneath the bridge, the Gloam flows into the salt marshes. There is no path that way, but walking along the riverbank would not be difficult. At least it would not be difficult until the ground got swampy.
Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
10:48 pm
Roha is on the road [Online Roleplaying]
"Well," Roha said to Brother Julius and Loram, "I must bid you both goodbye. Long way to go, still." He readjusted the pack on his back, hefted his mace onto one shoulder, and trudged off down the road.

The long summer daylight was good fortune to him. Dwarves see well enough in the dark, but that didn't give him any advantage over a kobold. This far north, the night was as bright as moonlight even when it clouded over, so Roha really had no reason to fear monsters sneaking up on him in the dark.

He was somewhat disturbed to learn how brash they'd become. He couldn't rely on their cowardice to keep them at bay.

"Why now?" Roha wondered aloud, although to him, the answer was obvious. The kobolds' numbers must be increasing. They probably had more resources, moving into the villages abandoned by the devastated dwarven population. And the more they got, the more they needed.

The best time to attack a dangerous animal, Roha knew, was when it was licking its wounds after a battle. In another generation, the dwarves - and perhaps the humans - would be stronger again. But right now, they were desperately trying to recover. Roha himself was in the middle of courting a woman, and he planned to hasten things along and start a family with her soon. The Crowcarver line would continue.

There was just one issue he needed to address first; one rather large reparation he needed to make. Roha had been shortsighted in his last dealings with Toshu. He supposed he hadn't quite understood the extent of the damage his people suffered during the war with the giants. He laughed, along with his friends, when the doomsayers implored them all to have children. Young couples always have children... eventually! What a silly suggestion! Businesses had to be rebuilt first, economies stabilized, political affiliations reinforced.

But Roha had gradually changed his mind. And now he needed to fix things with his brother.
12:29 am
Saturday, July 5th, 2008
8:55 pm
[Miniatures Battle] Skirmish at the Crossroads
Before this evenings game, we played a short trial game of D&D Miniatures. The events of that battle are a side-plot in the campaign.

Details below:

A Raid and a PursuitCollapse )
Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
4:36 pm
Back in town
Had a great time at Origins.

Next tabletop game is this Saturday at 9 PM.

Anyone looking to play online, I'm available.
Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
10:59 pm
[Logistics] Upcoming Availability
Just a quick note to let everyone know that Gynn and I are leaving for Origins tomorrow. We will have internet access for most of the trip, but obviously we'll be pretty busy.

I'm excited about getting the online version of the campaign up and running, and I'll try to reply to posts/comments as much as possible, but please keep in mind that my online time will be limited for the next week.

That being said, I hope folks check out the setting and contribute.
10:37 pm
[Open Roleplaying Thread] The Hall of Great-Baron Sturm Silvercup
OOC: This setting is for higher level and political intrigue style play. This is the court of the most powerful dwarven lord in the kingdom. It is a dwarven community, but because of its importance, members of any race could have made their way here.

This is a free-form game. Play nice. Do not post actions or effects for other characters. You decide whether your own character gets hurt if they are attacked. Please read the campaign background and keep things low-powered and within the flavor that has been established.

The gates of the great-hall creak open...Collapse )
10:04 pm
[Open Roleplaying Thread]: The Village of Deegans Rock
OOC: This is a low-level setting suitable for players who would like to play adventurer-types just getting started in their careers. The village is populated mainly by humans with the occasional tiefling or half-elf among the population. There is a dwarven settlement to the southwest of the village, so dwarven characters are also likely. Elves or dragonborn are possible as characters passing through from other areas.

This is a free-form game. Play nice. Do not post actions or effects for other characters. You decide whether your own character gets hurt if they are attacked. Please read the campaign background and keep things low-powered and within the flavor that has been established.

At the Inn of the Bent Harpoon...Collapse )
9:56 pm
[Online Roleplaying] Character/NPC Design Thread
If you want to play online or would like to participate in bringing the Kingdom of Jolurstad to life, this is a place where you can write up character descriptions. The DM will reply with any necessary modifications or requests. If you'd like to play the character, once it's approved you can join one of the [Open Roleplaying] threads, or you can start your own.

If you're making up an NPC, just let me know and I will try to find a place to work the character into the adventure either in the live game or one of the online threads.
9:46 pm
Map of Jolurstad
This is a preliminary map, put together using a combination of Campaign Cartographer 3.0 and Photoshop.

The loose inspiration for the climate/terrain is Iceland. All of the islands you see on the map are part of the greater kingdom of Jolurstad, but in recent times with no king they have grown more independent. The eight largest islands are ruled by the dwarven Great-Barons, who are the most significant political powers at present.

This is just a basic map showing crude terrain, coastlines, and the names of the islands (which I realize are a bit hard to make out that the present resolution; better version will be coming eventually).

Map under cutCollapse )
8:59 pm
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